Aspire Marketing

With digital marketing swiftly controlling the B2B and B2C industry, Aspire can offer assistance with your marketing and social media presence.

Our initial aim is to provide a ‘Marketing and Social Media Analysis Report’ where we can evaluate what your company currently has in place in relation to marketing material, social media presence and the website content, as well as our recommendations and marketing strategy going forward. We aim to increase your brand awareness to secure new clients and retain/enhance existing client relationships by using our marketing knowledge and tools, providing your company with a reassurance that your digital presence is of high quality.

See below our scope of services which Aspire can offer your marketing needs;

Marketing Services;

  • Brand Imagery – The use and adaptation of your company’s current brand visual imagery on relevant social media posts (i.e. use of the ‘graphic characters’) to represent different types of announcements/news.
  • Email Marketing for Clients – Creating a monthly newsletter to send to your database of clients to promote relevant industry updates/news, competitions and products and services.
  • Social Automation – Manage and monitor your company’s social media channels, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to achieve high impressions and interaction on social media posts. This will include tweeting/posting via social media channels on a daily basis.
  • Internal Employee Social Media Management – Encourage your internal employees to like/share social media posts from employees’ personal social media accounts so interactivity and impressions can increase.
  • Exposure of competitions and quizzes – Promote your company’s competitions and quizzes to enhance followers and exposure, particularly on social media channels.
  • Digital publications – Creating brochures or flyers to be sent to your database containing brand visual imagery and updates such as news, events being hosted, attendance at industry events, Christmas opening and closing times, blogs etc.
  • Marketing Reports – Preparation of monthly marketing reports to include website, social media and email marketing statistics, e.g. follower’s numbers, impressions gained from social media posts, opening rates and unsubscribes of email marketing etc. Statistics gathered will require Google Analytics to be will an important aspect of the reports.
  • Event Management – Provide assistance with the organisation and promotion of events that your company wish to host for your clients or target market audience. In addition to this, managing the process of obtaining marketing materials needed for specific events.
  • Exposure– Find ways whereby your company can promote themselves e.g. adverts in relevant industry magazines/on websites, keeping members of staff in the loop of industry events being held so that staff can attend/purchase a stand e.g. the Recruitment Agency Expo.
  • Website Management – Manage and upload content and news items onto your website, whilst ensuring that traffic is constantly being driven to the website via social media in order to obtain a high level of Search Engine Optimisation (‘SEO’).

To find out more on how we can help assist your businesses marketing, please contact Georgia Connor at