HMRC launch VAT Registration Estimator

12 July 2024


HMRC has launched a new online tool to help businesses understand the impact that VAT registration would have on them. 

VAT registration is required if;

  • The business’ total VAT taxable turnover for the pervious 12 months is more than £90,000 (the VAT threshold).
  • It is expected that the business’ turnover will go over the VAT threshold in the next 30 days.
  • The business is an overseas business not based in the UK which supplies goods or services to the UK (or expect to in the next 30 days) – regardless of VAT taxable turnover.

The estimator demonstrates the implications of registering for VAT and provides links to relevant information about the process for registration.  The estimator will show what VAT might be due, including what could be reclaimed and inputs can be varied to show the implications of differing scenarios.  It should also be useful for a business trading below the threshold but considering voluntary registration. 

The estimator is free to use and does not record the information that you input. 

You can access the estimator here