04.07.14 Construction Workers Compensation Scheme

04 July 2014

If you were involved in the UK construction industry between 1993 and 2009, and you think you were refused work on construction sites during those years without grounds, The Construction Workers Compensation Scheme may benefit you. 

An investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office back in 2008/9 identified that a company, The Consulting Association (TCA) held records of over 3,000 people which effectively constituted an industry blacklist.  

The Construction Workers Compensation Scheme has been set up to compensate subcontractors who were victims of blacklisting in the industry.  The scheme is open until 30 June 2016. 

The scheme has been established and funded by companies from the construction industry who used TCA in the past. The companies established the scheme to provide compensation to subcontractors, and are also contributing to a Code of Conduct which is being drafted to ensure that nothing similar happens again in future.

The Scheme aims to reach as many of these people as possible so that they can be compensated. Where a person named in the records is deceased, his or her personal representative can apply for compensation. There is no cost to individuals to apply to the Scheme and it has been designed to be fast, fair, easily accessible and an alternative to going to court.

Fill in an online enquiry form here in order to establish whether your name appears in TCA records.

View the Construction Workers Compensation Scheme website here for more details. 

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