Unite brings action against blacklisting in construction

07 December 2017

Trade union, Unite, is bringing a High Court case for unlawful conspiracy against four individuals who work for The Consulting Association. The Consulting Association was alleged to be at the centre of a blacklisting scandal involving more than 70 blacklisted workers alleging breach of privacy and Data Protection offences as they gave out personal data to companies within the construction industry.

Blacklisting was made illegal in 2010 after it was found that The Consulting Association held a database of construction workers that was used by many companies in the industry to vet employees.  

The High Court action is part of a wider case being brought by Unite who are also representing 70 workers who accuse contractors of defamation, privacy and Data Protection Act breaches. Included in the legal action are claims made against many of the construction companies who used The Consulting Association including: Balfour Beatty Construction and Carillion Construction.

Unite are calling for more serious punishment for companies and individuals who are caught blacklisting. Suggestions include; making blacklisting a criminal offence, banning companies from bidding for public contracts and increased fines.

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