GDPR is still on the agenda

07 August 2018

GDPR was firmly at the top of the news up until ‘D’ day on 25th May 2018. 

The media have gone quiet on the subject, however, more incidents of data-breaches have come to light and hefty fines are just a matter of time.

Dixons Carphone has recently revealed that an additional 10 million customers were affected by a personal data breach in 2017. Ticketmaster also issued a warning to customers in the UK to take extra care after a malware breach was identified in June 2018. Whilst both of these companies are still currently under investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), they will undoubtedly be subject to significant fines.

Whilst some data breaches are deliberate, such as cyber-attacks, “it is often negligence or a lack of basic processes, policies and procedures that result in data breaches” ICO states.

Quarterly ICO statistics show that four out of five of the leading causes of data breaches involved human errors and process failures:

•    Loss or theft of paperwork 
•    Data posted or faxed to incorrect recipient 
•    Data sent by email to an incorrect recipient 
•    Insecure web page (including hacking) 
•    Loss or theft of unencrypted device 

Compliance with GDPR may appear to be overwhelming and extremely extensive. Aspire can identify compliance gaps within your business and provide a comprehensive report on recommendations, as well as action them. Whether it be drafting relevant documents or communication and training for your workforce.

Aspire Factsheet: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Guide

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