New director of the Labour Market Enforcement

24 November 2021

  • Margaret Beels has been appointed as the new Director of Labour Market Enforcement with effect from 22 November 2021
  • Ms Beels will oversee the annual assessment of the scale and nature of non-compliance in the labour market and be responsible for producing the strategic direction of the 3 existing labour market enforcement bodies;
    • The Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate
    • The Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority
    • HMRC’s National Minimum Wage Team
  • Ms Beels may also oversee the combination of the three enforcement bodies to create the Single Enforcement Body which Government announced in June 2021

Aspire Comment

It will be interesting to see if Ms Beels appointment spurs the creation of the Single Enforcement Body into action and whether this will have a bearing on Government’s inaction to regulate the intermediary sector.

There are many factors to consider when paying workers. It is vital that you take action to ensure that you are correctly paying the NMW (or NLW) that is due and complying with all of your obligations as an employer.

If you are concerned about whether you are meeting your obligations as an employer, to ensure you are compliant with your obligations and avoid the financial and reputational risk of being on the next name and shame list, give Aspire a call on 0121 445 6178.