Digital right to work check system to be introduced

06 January 2022


  • It has been announced that from 6 April 2022, a permanent system for digital Right to Work checks will be implemented.
  • The new Identity document validation technology (“IDVT”) will allow employers to utilise service providers to carry out digital identity checks on their behalf, for many individuals who are not in scope to use the Home Office online services, including British and Irish citizens.
  • Using IDVT will enable prospective employees to upload images of their identity documents, instead of presenting physical documents to a prospective employer – reducing time and mitigating risk.
  • The cost of using the IDVT will however be funded by users, meaning that employers who choose to use the new system will have to pay to do so.
  • The new system will be available to use for Right to Work, DBS and Right to Rent checks.
  • The relevant changes to legislation will take effect from 6 April 2022.

In their announcement Government suggest that;

“Enabling the use of IDVT for right to work, right to rent and DBS checks will help to support long-term post pandemic working practices, accelerate the recruitment and onboarding process, improve employee mobility and enhance the security and integrity of the checks.”

Aspire Comment:

The announcement will be welcomed by many employers who will now be able to conduct digital Right to Work checks on their prospective workforce without the need to see physical documents. However, it is important that the system is affordable not just for large businesses but for all employers.

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